Explain to me like I'm 9: what exactly ARE Docker containers?

July 10, 2024

I recently came across what could be the best explanation of containers and wanted to share it.

Source: "Learning Docker" series on LinkedIn Learning by Carlos Nunez.

  • A container is composed of two things: a Linux namespace and a Linux control group.
  • Namespaces are a Linux kernel feature that provides . . .

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Refresher on Docker Containers

July 09, 2024

Here's a quick recap on Docker containers and how they work.

  • Containers are virtualized instances of operating system kernels.
  • Be careful though: Unlike virtual machines, while containers look like separate smaller instances of Linux or Windows, they consume resources like processor time, memory, and disk space directly . . .

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Tech Glossary

Because sometimes it's nice to have terminology all in one place.

July 05, 2024

Here's a list of terms and concepts I get asked about. I'll keep adding to it over time.

Containers / Kubernetes

  • Containers -- A technology that bundles the code for an application, and the configuration required to run the code itself, in one unit. (Source: LinkedIn Learning)
  • Container registry -- A . . .

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Image vs Container Registry

July 04, 2024

I like analogies. They make it easier to express ideas and communicate concepts.

Recently someone was asking about the difference between an "images" vs "registry", and how they pertain to containers.

I came across this one amidst a google search (source unknown - sorry):

Imagine a . . .

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