[SC-100] Security and agility

August 10, 2023

Another gem from SC-100 study material. Admittedly a little obvious but the thought is expressed very well.

Security needs to become more agile because businesses, government agencies, and other organizations today face a world where services are expected to be provided whenever and wherever people want them.

(Source: . . .

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[SC-100] Compliance is not security

August 10, 2023

I came across this gem in sc-100 prep material:

While compliance provides a consistent required baseline of security best practices and controls, compliance with security standards is insufficient to make an organization "secure". Keeping an organization secure can change dynamically by the week, day, or hour as . . .

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[SC-100] Conditional Access frameworks, policies, and naming conventions

August 09, 2023

OK, OK, so it may not necessarily be the most interesting topic...

Nevertheless, I think this article from Microsoft on Conditional Access framework and policies is an important one.

Of particular note, there's a section on naming conventions and how to develop/establish a system that scales well for designating . . .

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[SC-100] The Seven Properties of Highly Secure Devices

August 07, 2023

Great read from Microsoft: The Seven Properties of Highly Secure Devices.

This doc delves into architectural considerations for designing IoT systems that have security baked in. Good stuff!

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Offside rule explained (clearly)

Because I can't be the only person who is confused.

August 06, 2023

As a newcomer to soccer football, the offside rule is by far the most confusing rule. Like, ever.

If you're like me, you need a clear visual example. Check out this video here. It's the clearest explanation I've come across thus far.

Biggest takeaway: the offside rule applies to passing. It's technically . . .

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[SC-100] Microsoft Entra "Verified ID" Feature Explained

August 06, 2023

In case I'm not the only person who as a little unfamiliar with Microsoft's "Verified ID" feature, I came across a great video from Andy Malone that walks through a practical example of how it works.

Here's a high-level diagram as well:

Very interesting and compelling. I think remains to be . . .

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[SC-100] Microsoft Graph Refresher

August 06, 2023

In case I'm not the only person who needed a refresher on Microsoft Graph, here are a few helpful links:

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