Pondering the "it works on my machine" problem

July 09, 2024

I've been working recently with Kubernetes and docker (super fun!). A question kept lingering in the back of my mind though: why is inconsistent stability and results in prod such a broadly reported issue?

I came across a LinkedIn course by Carlos Nunez and I really liked the reasons he gave:

  • Missing Tools - . . .

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Kubernetes Refresher - Pods vs Containers vs Deployment vs Services

July 09, 2024

Another quick recap:

  • Pods are the smallest unit of compute in Kubernetes.
  • Kubernetes pods group similar containers into a logical unit.
  • Containers inside of Kubernetes pods have the same IP address and move "together" from host to host.
  • Pods get scheduled on to kubelets (nodes).
  • While you can create . . .

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Data storage options for Kubernetes

July 08, 2024

Here's a high-level refresher on persistent storage options for K8 workloads. Note: there are a lot of techniques and ways to store data. These are just two popular examples.

  • Database storage - For example, a mysql or postgres SQL database running on a server that is separate from your cluster. Or perhaps leveraging a . . .

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Refresher on ways to manage Kubernetes pods

July 08, 2024

I'll keep this brief -- here's a reminder on the various ways that Kubernetes can manage pods:

  • Kubernetes Deployment - The most common way to deploy containerized applications. This approach lets you control the number of replicas running. When you have a new version of the application running, Kubernetes can keep the . . .

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Kubernetes Worker Node Architecture 101

July 08, 2024

Here's some quick recap points regarding worker nodes in Kubernetes:

  • Remember the previous analogy about the Kubernetes control plane being like an air traffic control tower? Think of a worker node as an airport terminal where planes park and passengers board.
  • In order to be highly available, most Kubernetes clusters . . .

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Kubernetes Control Plane Architecture 101

July 06, 2024

Here's a quick recap of kubernetes control plane architecture:

  • An instance of Kubernetes is called a cluster.
  • Each cluster has a control plane and at least one worker node.
  • Think of the control plane like air traffic control at a busy airport with people overlooking the cluster to make sure nodes and pods are . . .

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Tech Glossary

Because sometimes it's nice to have terminology all in one place.

July 05, 2024

Here's a list of terms and concepts I get asked about. I'll keep adding to it over time.

Containers / Kubernetes

  • Containers -- A technology that bundles the code for an application, and the configuration required to run the code itself, in one unit. (Source: LinkedIn Learning)
  • Container registry -- A . . .

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